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Pursuit of Excellence Clinic Hosting Funding

Pursuit of excellence funding for clinic hosting encourages training opportunities at the local level. This allows a greater number of Coaches/Officials/Volunteers to benefit from the training.

Pursuit of Excellence Coach Development Funding

Coaching education is the number one priority with Pursuit of Excellence. Funding is available to assist coaches, referees, officials, and other volunteers to attend training opportunities to further their expertise in their chosen sport.

Pursuit of Excellence Travel Funding for Coaches and Athletes

Pursuit of Excellence provides travel assistance to Athletes, Coaches and even whole teams to attend National and International events.

Community Living Grant Application 

The City provides financial support to various community groups or agencies who provide programs and services that benefit the City of Grande Prairie and its residents.  The funding will be based on approved budget resources.  

Jumpstart Accessibility Grants offer two funding streams: Accessibility-Enabling Grants, which provide eligible facilities with up to $50,000 for projects to adapt and enhance existing facilities, and Inclusive Design Innovation Grants, which provide between $250,000 and $1,000,000 for projects designed to uniquely enhance sport and recreation spaces with innovative solutions.

For more information about Jumpstart Accessibility Grants, and how to apply, please visit:


ParticipACTION Teen Challenge Grant

ParticipACTION Teen Challenge (formerly known as Sogo Active) is a program created for one reason: to inspire Canadians aged 13-19 to become more active. Striving to eliminate the inactivity crisis in Canada, Teen Challenge helps youth to take initiative and identify creative, exciting ways to add daily activity into their lives. Grants are distributed to any event/challenge/activity that gets teens between the ages of 13-19 physically active. (Short term activity grants = $250 maximum; Long term activity grants = $500 maximum)

Albert sport

Alberta Sport Connection Grants – Coaches & Officials 

Coaches and officials play key roles in sports. That’s why the Alberta Sport Connection offers grants for coaches and officials.


Investors Group Community Coaching Conferences

Calling all organizations, big and small! Are you hosting an event that will educate and develop coaches in your community? The Investors Group Community Coaching Conferences program has grants available for organizations that bring coaches of community-based sports together under one roof to learn, train, and network with each other. Check out the information below to see if your event is eligible!

Community Grants

Nonprofit organizations have access to a number of programs to support project and operating costs.