Grande Prairie Sport Council


The Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection committees exist to help the Sport Connection reach its organizational goals. Committee seats are open to everyone. If you’re interested in participating on any of the Sport Connection’s committees please contact us at 780 532 1164.


Purpose: To support the Sport Connection in hosting and marketing Sport Connection events. The events and marketing committee will also play a proactive role in the awareness of the council itself to sports organizations, businesses, and the media.


  1. To create and run Sport Connection events that will help promote the Sport Connection and meet the directions of our strategic plan. EI. All Sport One Day, Sport Banquet.
  2. To source significant sponsorship for events.
  3. To book, rent and coordinate equipment, décor, entertainment and space.
  4. Create and maintain a database of event volunteers, donors, sponsors and attendees.
  5. Create a production schedule.
  6. Build a marketing plan to ensure awareness and excitement around the event.
  7. Attend and support the success of each


Purpose: The purpose of the Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection bid Committee is to help local groups in bidding to host sports competitions in GP and Area.


  1. To consider and analyze bid opportunities for feasibility.
  2. Once bids are considered and have made it through the selection process the bid committee will present each to the Sport Connection for approval.
  3. To encourage and assist the sport community to bid for sport competitions, conferences and events
  4. Provide templates for past bids and assistance in developing bids for interested parties
  5. Act as a liaison to promote bids to the City of Grande Prairie and to the County of Grande Prairie and assist with any requests for support.
  6. Provide a final review of each bid to ensure that all information in included.
  7. Provide consultation and assistance in connecting bids with appropriate funding, other resources, and support organizations. Ie – Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association, City of Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie, Travel Alberta, Alberta Sport Connection.
  8. Provide consultation on appropriate hosting procedures.
  9. Ensure measures to enhance future events are considered and documented during and post event. IE – STEAM implemented and data analyzed, registration data collected, volunteer data collected.
  10. Send out post event thank you to all volunteers.